Designer’s Statement

As a designer, my creative process continues to evolve into a more intuitive and holistic action plan, rather than a simple collection of ideas. I’m absolutely aware of the importance of research and understanding sources of not only information, but inspiration. Completely realizing who, what, and where inspiration is derived, is key to understanding how to use it within concepts of design. Almost all of my inspiration comes from researching distinguished past designers, learning from their books and insight, and appreciating their general design concepts. I often think of the process as a never ending absorption of information and inspiration around me, whether intended or not.

In addition to a collection of both a physical and mental design library, I strongly believe that one of the first steps toward great design is learning from past designers, and applying that knowledge in a new and different way. Seeing what’s successful in the past, often helps in understanding what has potential to work in the future. In addition to background research, I’ve learned how crucial it is to determine the precise relationship between myself and my work, as well as my work and audience. Then I can really start producing ideas that are relative to my overall objective, which quite often have the potential to be explored and pushed to a higher level of experimentation. This level of experimentation is where I believe a lot of my more successful ideas begin. These are some of my fundamental principals I frequently reference during my personal design process.

Every aspect of design excites me, and I am determined to push past idealistic or superficial concepts to devise something new and refreshing. I thrive from absorbing information in the researching stage, just as much as I appreciate the process involved in my experimental stage. But the best part of design is finalizing every detail. When there is a solid concept, every single detail matters. And the integration of a solid concept with the perfection of each detail is what creates great design.