Craft Beer Rebrand

Craft Beer Rebrand


Sam Adams Craft Beer Rebrand Concept – Advertising Project assigned by Deutsch Inc. NYC

We wanted to focus on Sam Adams as a CRAFT beer, and how it’s the forefront of the craft beer revolution. Our main questions we considered while creating all of our deliverables were: 1) How do we make Sam Adams stand out to a home brewer or craft brew drinker? and 2) What would make a home brewer or craft brew drinker choose Sam Adams over a local craft brew, such as Dogfish Head or Victory. (just two examples of local craft brews in the region).

We answered these question by creating an actual Sam Adams craft beer tap handle that’s intended to be added to their collection of tap handles, as well as being used in local bars. The tap handle appeals to home brewers and craft brew drinkers, specifically, because of the materials it’s made from, and the overall style. Every aspect of the tap is something a home brewer would recognize, while also highlighting the raw ingredients of what beer is brewed with.

To supplement the crafty tap handle, we created:

Coasters showcasing photographed brewing ingredients, while integrating the voice of Sam Adams through textual content by adding to their existing mantra: “Take Pride In Your Beer. Join The Craft Revolution.”

Posters that both promote Sam Adams brewing, as well as highlight the craftiness of the tap handle in comparison to mass produced beer tap handles.

Mobile App engaging craft brew drinkers with Sam Adams, and creating a social media aspect of the advertising campaign.

Mobile App Commercial promoting the “Craft Your Own Tap App” as a commercial spot, featuring music mixed by us, and a simulation of how to use the Sam Adams App. (Please be sure to select ‘view’ and ‘fit to screen’ [or] ‘enter full screen’ when viewing the commercial).

Radio Commercial provided as a creative and exciting audio commercial for our “Craft Your Own Tap App.”

Collaborative project with Annie Hudson.

Radio Spot:



App Simulation Video:





Coaster Designs: